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Atum Sun Creator Cosmic Creation God Re Deity of Ancient Egypt Religion

Atum and the real meaning of snake representations in ancient Egypt ©2022

Atum "defeating" Apep, the ancient Egyptian great serpent god of Chaos of the Underworld, as explained by scholars. Atum is also frequently represented as a snake and his real meaning ...Lire la suite
Dendera Light Bulb Air God Shu Womb Nut Goddess of the Sky Hathor Temple

The Dendera Light protective magical energy in liquid form described in ancient Egyptian literature is the evaporative cooling fog of the Great Pyramid of Giza ©2021

The Dendera Light is a fog of microdroplets that is creating cold from dry warm air by the evaporative power of liquid water. Ra's snake form, Harsomtus, and the lotus ...Lire la suite
Pharaoh Akhenaten Nefertiti Queen Amarna Dynasty 18 Ancient Egypt

Akhenaten and Nefertiti represented themselves as Shu and Tefnut, the deities that combined together created the evaporative cooling in the Great Pyramid of Khufu ©2021

King Akhenaten was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty who abandoned Egypt's traditional polytheism for Atenism, a worship centered around one single god : Aten. But at the ...Lire la suite
Great Pyramid of Khufu Grand Gallery Ancient Egyptian God Horizon Aker Akeru

The Hidden Hauling Cavern of the Underworld ©2021

The Amduat, literally "That Which Is In the Afterworld", also translated as "Book of the Hidden Chamber Which is in the Underworld" and "Book of What is in the Underworld"; ...Lire la suite
Wedjat Eye of Horus Falcon Headed God Sky Ancient Egyptian Deity Oeil Oudjat Libation Vessel

Wedjat Eye of Horus Falcon Headed God of the Sky and the 80 years conflict with Set refer to the natron manufacturing failures before evaporative cooling was mastered ©2021

The Wedjat Eye of Horus (œil Oudjat) is an ancient Egyptian religious representation of the Falcon Headed god of the Sky Horus. It represents the disc of Sabu, inserted inside ...Lire la suite
Sun Creator God Ra Fighting Apep Great Serpent God Chaos Underworld

The endless fights between Sun god Ra and the Great Serpent god Apep (Apophis) in the Underworld are representations of the grand gallery impactor operating cycle of the Great Pyramid of Khufu ©2021

Apep (also Apophis) was the Great Serpent ancient Egyptian god of Chaos (isfet) that reigned over the Underworld and fought sun and creator god Ra in his solar barque (also ...Lire la suite
Horus God Snake Dendera Falcon Grand temple Hathor

Imhotep's Pyramid of the Cold and the Horus Figures holding the Fog Nozzle of the Great Pyramid of Khufu Horizontal Cooling Passage ©2021

Horus, the falcon-headed god, is an important ancient Egyptian god that has become one of the most commonly used symbols all over Egypt. Horus's name means "he who is above" ...Lire la suite
Ptah Sokar Osiris Figures Metropolitan Museum

The Ptah-Sokar-Osiris Figures are representations of the moving caisson and its granite weight that were operated inside the Grand Gallery at the Great Pyramid of Khufu ©2021

The rectangular shape empty of any decoration on the base of the Ptah-Sokar-Osiris figurine (highlighted in red), indicates where was inserted the granite weight that transformed the caisson into a ...Lire la suite
Ancient Egyptian God Nefertem Lotus Emblem

Ancient Egyptian God Nefertem with the Lotus Flower Emblem is depicting the horizontal cooling passage of the Great Pyramid of Khufu ©2021

Ancient Egyptian God Nefertem (also Nefertum), depicted with a lotus flower on his head was actually representing the horizontal cooling passage of the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza. His ...Lire la suite
Disc of Sabu Schist Lotus Vase Bowl Sabou Tri Lobes

The disc of Sabu is a schist dome shaped and perforated plate that was installed inside counterflow chemical reaction towers for natron manufacturing ©2021

The disc of Sabu is a dome shaped and perforated plate that was installed inside a counterflow chemical reactions unit that would become on Sneferu's reign a Solvay-like tower for ...Lire la suite
Dendera Light Bulb Lamp Ancient Egypt Fringe Conspiracy Theory Electricity Debunked Soot

The Dendera Light Bulb is a microdroplets fog made of sprayed water produced to achieve evaporative cooling inside the horizontal passage of the Great Pyramid of Khufu ©2021

The Dendera Light in the Hathor temple, is a representation of the fog of microdroplets of liquid water, transforming itself in vapor and by doing so, creating the evaporative cold ...Lire la suite
Pyramide Rhomboidale Herse Sarcophage Supérieure Puits Sable Dashur

Le prototype du sarcophage (filtre à sable) de la grande pyramide de Khéops présent dans la pyramide rhomboïdale... avec sa herse d'alimentation et le sable encore à l'intérieur ©2021

Dans ma théorie sur le fonctionnement de la grande pyramide de Khéops, le sarcophage est un filtre à sable qui permet de produire de l'eau purifiée et potable à partir ...Lire la suite
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