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Mastermind Board Game Egyptian Polymath

The Pyramids of the Cold • The Legend of Khufu and the 'magician' polymath Imhotep

The Legend of Khufu and the Magician is the key to understand the real mastermind behind the Great Pyramid of Giza and its operation: the super-scientist and physician polymath Imhotep, ...Lire la suite
Holy water font stoup giant clam shell entry of catholic christian church Baptism Sign of the Cross

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 44 • The holy water fonts and the biosand filter

If holy water fonts made from giant clam’s shells are set at the entrance of Christian churches all over the world, this is not because they are cute and convenient: ...Lire la suite
David and Goliath Spear Weaver Beam

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 43 • David, Saul, two giant Goliaths, five little stones, an aeolian harp... and a weaver's beam

Goliath's weaver's beam is the key for the comprehension of the origin of the whole story of David and Goliath: there isn't really any fight between the two of them, ...Lire la suite
Hagar and the Angel in the Desert by James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French, 1836-1902) Jewish Museum New York

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 42 • Ezekiel's Egyptian pulley Wheels and the angel ropes

If angels are described as "messengers" in the Bible, it is only because they are metaphorical glorifications of the four driving and hauling ropes of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, ...Lire la suite
Moses and Aaron Rod Staff Moise before Pharaoh transforming into Snake Serpent

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 41 • The 293 kilograms windlass Staff of Moses and Aaron

"Moses and Aaron before pharaoh". On this image, their Staff had just been transformed into a snake, as a beautiful metaphoric representation of a rope slowly winding upon a wooden ...Lire la suite
Joshua passing Jordan with Ark of the Covenant Hebrew Jewish religion

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 40 • The Smiting Ark of the Covenant

The famous scene of Joshua, "passing through the Jordan river with the Ark of the Covenant", should rather be described as Joshua, following the passing of the Ark through the ...Lire la suite
The Pyramids of the Cold v2 by French Egyptologist Layman Bruno Coursol Table of Content May 2023

The Pyramids of the Cold v2 • Summary of the study and Table of Contents

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre and the sphinx. Color lithograph by G.W. Seitz, ca. 1878, after Carl Werner, 1870: The Pyramids of the Cold v2 ...Lire la suite
Great Pyramid of Giza Gizeh Dendera Light Debunked Ancient Egypt Aquafog Evaporative Cold Applications

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 1 • The evaporative cooling passage of the Great Pyramid

The ancient Egyptian god Horus, holding the fog nozzle of the evaporative cooling passage of the Great Pyramid. Horus images : E3752 from the Louvre Museum and figurine of Horus ...Lire la suite
Dendera Light Bulb Hathor Temple Ancient Egypt Pyramids of the Cold

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 2 • The Dendera Light

The Dendera Light is a stone relief in the Hathor temple at Denderah in Egypt, that depict Harsomtus, in the form of a snake, emerging from a lotus flower. "In ...Lire la suite
Dendera Light Hathor Temple Electric Lamp Astronomical Ceiling Ancient Egyptian Goddess Nut of Astronomy Stars Sky

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 3 • The Egyptian metaphorical deification of the water cycle

Scene from the astronomical ceiling of the Hypostyle Hall of the Dendera Temple of Hathor at Lunet (Lunet is the ancient Egyptian name of Dendera), showing 'goddess of the sky' ...Lire la suite
Akhenaten Heretic Pharaoh Aten Monotheist God Amarna King Nefertiti Queen Dynasty 18 Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of the Cold ​Section 4 • the theorization of evaporative cold by Akhenaten

King Akhenaten from tutincommon on flickr and bust of Queen Nefertiti from the Ägyptisches Museum Berlin collection, presently in the Neues Museum and photographed by Philip Pikart: Drawing of ...Lire la suite
Weighing of the Heart Judgement Book of the Dead Maat Deceased Justice Ancient Egyptian Ceremony 2

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 5 • The Weighing of the Heart and the Peeing baboon

The Weighing of the Heart judgement ritual of the deceased is led by god Anubis into the presence of Osiris, and there makes a Negative Confession, or more correctly a ...Lire la suite
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