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Anubis Mask Ancient Egyptian God of War

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 32 • Anubis and the bobsled mask

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 32 • Anubis and the bobsled mask In summary: the deciphering of the operation of the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid continues with ...Lire la suite
Son of Horus Hapy Hapi Protector of the Lungs Baboon Headed Ancient Egyptian God Great Pyramid Gallery

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 31 • Hapi's twin brother Hapy and the seven scorpions

Canopic Jar representing the deity Hapy 664–525 BC (late period), from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New-York The Pyramids of the Cold Section 31 • Hapi's twin brother Hapy ...Lire la suite
Crocodile God Sobek Kom Ombo Temple Egypt Ancient Egyptian Religion

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 30 • Crocodile god Sobek's fishing net

Saltwater Crocodile at Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. © David Keep: "Sobek, an ancient Egyptian crocodile god, often depicted with a crown composed of ram horns, a sun disk, ...Lire la suite
Egyptian Obelisk Benben Stone Bennu Bird Sun God Ra Rebirth Cleopatra Needle Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 29 • The Obelisk and the Benben stone

Cleopatra’s Needle with Part of Alexandria taken from the North by “drawn on stone by from a sketch by Capt. Head.” Source: Eastern and Egyptian Scenery. 1833. Hathi Trust Digital ...Lire la suite
Khnum Water God Elephantine Triad Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 28 • The Elephantine Triad deification of the Biosand filter

We'll see in this Section that just like the Memphis Triad is representing the creation of evaporative cold by associating three deities who were the deifications of pressurized water (Ptah) ...Lire la suite
Memphis Triad Sekhmet Lioness Cat Goddess Ramesses Ptah Bastet Nefertem Gods Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 27 • The Memphis Evaporative Cold Triad air inflated snake

Memphis, literally "White Walls", was the first capital of Egypt following its unification by the pharaoh Menes. The people of Memphis believed that their god Ptah, at the heart of ...Lire la suite
Medjed Egyptian God The Smiter Ghost Japan House Osiris Ancient Egypt Greenfield Papyrus

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 26 • The Tree of Life caisson and the Smiter nobody can see

Medjed is an ancient Egyptian god mentioned in the Book of the Dead, who is described as the "Smiter" (le "Cogneur", le "Frappeur"). Because of his ghost-like portrayal in some ...Lire la suite
Egyptian Frog Goddess Heqet Seshat Papyrus Rope Howard Carter Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 25 • Two Ladies and the Shen Tow Ring

We've already seen that falcon headed god of the "sky" Horus was the deification of the composite impactor of the Great Pyramid, and that he was depicted as a falcon ...Lire la suite
The Eye of Horus Ra Falcon God of the Sky Protection Life Symbol Ancient Egypt Medina

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 24 • The Osiris' seed and Horus' opening of the mouth

If Osiris is the ancient Egyptian god of resurrection, the after-life, fertility and agriculture, it is all explained by the fact that Osiris was the deification of the "power source" ...Lire la suite
Sun God Ra Solar Boat Apep Underworld Osiris Isis Myth Barque King of Ancient Egyptian Gods Bed Creator Soul Ba Force Power

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 23 • The Sun God Ra Impactor and the Squeaky Hauling Rope

If Sun god Ra was described as the creator of everything in ancient Egyptian religion, it is only because Ra was the metaphoric representation of the piece of equipment that ...Lire la suite
Thor Marvel Comics Movie God of Thunder Earthquake Norse Magical Hammer Norsemen Mythology Great Serpent

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 22 • Thor and the Mist of Cold from the Well of Hvergelmir

Thor is a prominent god of Thunder in Germanic paganism who is wielding magical hammer, belt and gloves. In Norse mythology, Marvel comics and movies Thor is associated with lightning, ...Lire la suite
Tibetan Prayer Wheels Mantra Clockwise Tibet Om Mani Padme Hum Ancient World Mysteries

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 21 • Osiris and the Tibetan Prayer Wheels' Too Lazy Snakes

Tibetan Prayer Wheels constantly giving to too lazy Naga snakes small amounts of merit are reproducing the hauling of the impactor of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, pounding endlessly the ...Lire la suite
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