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Pectoral of Tutankhamun King Tut Winged Scarab Beetle Amulet Great Pyramid of Giza Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 28 • The scarab amulet glorifications of the hauling Beetle

Pectoral of Tutankhamun with the Winged Scarab, thanks to The Pyramids of the Cold v2 (May 2023) • Part D: the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid Section 28 ...Lire la suite
Granite Coffin Sarcophagus of Pharaoh Khufu Kheops Great Pyramid of Giza King Chamber Gizeh Coffer Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of the Cold ​Section 29 • The biosand filter sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid

The coffer of the Great Pyramid of Khufu: "Great Pyramid Passages" Volume 1, Plate CXXV page 250, by John and Morton Edgar in 1910: Production of drinking water by ...Lire la suite
Elephantine Triad of Ancient Egyptian God Water Khnum Satis Anuket

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 30 • The Elephantine Triad deification of the Biosand filter

We'll see in this Section that just like the Memphis Triad is representing the creation of evaporative cold by associating three deities who were the deifications of pressurized water (Ptah) ...Lire la suite
Nile Water River Aswan Dhows Ancient Egyptian God Hapi Hapy Inundation

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 31 • The Pyramid's Flat roof and the water supply issue

Ancient Egyptian god of the Nile Hapi, in his "cavern", creating the very first snake with his own water. Dhows on the Nile, by Jerzy Strzelecki: The Pyramids of ...Lire la suite
Djoser Step Pyramid Serdab Refreshment of the Gods Complex Pharaoh Djeser Cold Water Cellar Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 32 • The Serdab and the Refreshment of the Gods Pyramid

Djoser's Serdab by orientalizing: The Pyramids of the Cold v2 (May 2023) • Part F: the Cold by Egyptians themselves Section 32 • Djoser' Serdab and the "Refreshment of ...Lire la suite
Red Pyramid of Pharaoh Sneferu King Burial Chamber Sarcophagus Snefrou Ammonia Bats Coffin Fourth Dynasty

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 33 • Sneferu's Red Pyramid and the accumulated ammonia

The Red Pyramid at Dashur, built by pharaoh Sneferu (Fourth Dynasty, just before the Great Pyramid of Giza was built), showing the so-called "burial chamber", even if every single characteristic ...Lire la suite
The Disc of Sabu is a Metasiltstone Schist Solvay Counterflow Plate Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of the Cold ​Section 34 • the Solvay Disc of Sabu

The older photograph known of the Disc of Sabu illustrations. On the right is the schematic drawing of an European carbonation Solvay tower for Sodium Carbonate manufaturing in the 1800s, ...Lire la suite
Hermes Hermetica Text Emerald Tablet Ancient Egyptian God of Science Thoth Houghton Heinrich Khunrath Amphitheatrvm Sapientiae Aeternae

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 35 • The hidden secrets of the Hermetica Emerald Tablet

"An imaginative 17th-century depiction of the Emerald Tablet from the work of Heinrich Khunrath (1560-1605)" : The Pyramids of the Cold v2 (May 2023) • Part G: the impact ...Lire la suite
Thor God of Thunder Norse Magical Hammer Great Serpent Great Hall of Bilskinir

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 36 • Thor's magical Hammer and the Great Hall of Bilskirnir

Thor is a prominent god of Thunder in Germanic paganism who is wielding magical hammer, belt and gloves. In Norse mythology, Marvel comics and movies Thor is associated with lightning, ...Lire la suite
Shiva and Vishnu in Churning of the Ocean Milk Hindu Myth Amrita Immortal Elixir of Life God Ancient World Religion

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 37 • The Churning of the waters of the Ocean of milk

The Churning of the Ocean of Milk, at the San Diego Museum of Art: Dual depiction of Hapi (Hapy), the ancient Egyptian god of the Nile and its flood, ...Lire la suite
Om mani padme hum Tibetan Prayer Wheels mantra Wall Mounted

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 38 • The Tibetan Prayer Wheels and the Gallery's Axle Beam

The "wall mounted" Tibetan prayer wheels were of course supposed to be fixed on the floor, not on the wall: they are the perfect reproduction of the axle beam shaft ...Lire la suite
The Pyramids of the Cold v2 by French Egyptologist Layman Bruno Coursol Goddess Kebechet Qebhet Refreshing Water

The Pyramids of the Cold Section 39 • The cooling water of spitting Kebechet

Ancient Egypt: the pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx. Color lithograph by G.W. Seitz, ca. 1878, after Carl Werner, 1870: The Pyramids of the Cold v2 (May 2023) • ...Lire la suite
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